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Jerry Plemmons Challenges Jurisdiction. Case dismissed!

After previous court appearances back in September and December, Jerry Plemmons once again returned to Forsyth County District courtroom 1A this Monday, January 31st, at 9AM, to continue with his challenge of jurisdiction (see video below). Contrary to Mr. Plemmons' last appearance, his hired court reporter was actually allowed to set up this time and do her job. Once the actual transcript is available, it will be posted here as well. Judge Lawrence J. Fine was presiding, along with ADA Kim Furr Davis.

The video below includes a recap of the day's events by Jerry Plemmons, as well as a summary by John Ainsworth, Chief Magistrate of the North-Carolina American Republic and founder of America's Remedy.

Jerry was first called around 9:33AM and proceeded to explain to the judge how the ADA had specified a "guilty" charge during roll call, rather than acknowledging his special appearance challenge of jurisdiction. The judge explained that he was happy to hear Jerry's explanation of his submitted evidence. Jerry explained to the judge the issue of there being two states called North Carolina which have entered into the American Union. He also commented on Military Order No. 120, which removed the original government, the Surrender Letter from Governor Jonathan Worth, and President Andrew Johnson's veto of the Reconstruction Acts. Jerry requested that the DA provide proof of the lawfulness of the due process of the Reconstruction Acts in creating the "new state."

After several comments between Jerry and the judge (transcript to be released), Jerry was told that the case would continue as usual, regardless of any evidence regarding jurisdiction, and he was asked to take a seat. After a 15 minute break and additional time waiting, the judge dismissed the case on the grounds that the police officer failed to appear, and after the ADA commented that this was Jerry's third time in court and because a court reporter had been hired the last two times.

Thank you to all of those in attendance at Jerry's court appearance. If you would like to get involved in the fight against the nationalization of citizenship, keep an eye on the NC Republic calendar for more state citizen court dates and government meetings. To learn more about how your state was stolen, contact presenter John Ainsworth of America's Remedy.

Paul Griffith Evans

April 9, 2011
4:53 pm
Jerry, good job. However, The Judges strongest arguement that she did,indeed, have jurisdiction over you came when she said sit down and you did. I think we need to look these snakes in the eye and tell them that they are in DISHONOR, (if and when they fail to immediately prove jurisdiction or dimiss with prejudice). Then offer to go get a Subpoena Duces Tucem from a REAL JUDGE. Save three days of your time...

Paul Griffith Evans

April 9, 2011
4:23 pm
"Agency, or party sitting for the agency, (which would be the magistrate of a municipal court) has no authority to enforce as to any licensee unless he is acting for compensation. Such an act is highly penal in nature, and should not be construed to include anything which is not embraced within its terms. (Where) there is no charge within a complaint that the accused was employed for compensation to do the act complained of, or that the act constituted part of a contract."

Schomig v. Kaiser, 189 Cal 596.


Mary P El-Bey

March 7, 2011
12:59 pm
I am delighted that you are standing on your square, against this defacto system. We here in Detroit Michigan are faced with the same issues. I am a Washitaw Moor. We study Commerce and Nationality. We can talk via Skpe. I have Skype
Mary P el-bey

Yu'Sunrus Bey

February 8, 2011
10:59 am
I'm a Indigenous Aboriginal Moorish National and we fight daily with the same issue's. I was taken to jail for 3 days for traveling in my automobile with and International Driving permit issue via United Nations and PATA. The information tag on my car clearly states my nationality, sovereign, diplomatic status. My first court date at the 26th Prosecutorial District Mecklenburg County Charlotte, North Carolina on Dec. 17 was lead into a continue to 3-11-11. Its alot to explain, but basically I'm challenging the jurisdiction of there de facto colorable courts. Anyone is free to call who can offer help or attendance ( they already said my next date will have to have alight docket) or wants a consultation please email soleswork@yahoo.com or call 704-293-0323 thank!

Don Wright

February 2, 2011
3:37 pm
great job

David Muncy

February 2, 2011
3:12 pm
I am glad that Jerry's case was dismissed, however a dismissal doesn't shed any more light on the defense of our lawful state vs. the current claimed state and how the court system views this. If I may speak as somewhat of a devils advocate there may be those that see this as a ploy to skirt the law rather than bringing to light the fact that we reside in an unlawful state. Any clarification on this might help those to understand this better. I applaud Jerry and everyone that is willing to sacrifice their precious time and resources to stand up and promote this cause. God speed to the NC Republic!

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