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Military Order 120: Removing Government of North-Carolina

Military Order 120

After the passage of the Reconstruction Acts of March 2, 1867 and March 23, 1867, this military order was issued for the enforcement of these Congressional Acts, removing the elected governments of North-Carolina and South Carolina by the threat of military force.

Text of the document:

Head Quarters Mil. Post of Raleigh
Raleigh, N.C. June 30th, 1868

Gov. Jonathan Worth
of the State of North Carolina
Raleigh N.C.


I have the honor to officially notify you that the following order has been issued to day from the Headquarters Second Military District, Charleston S.C. that you may govern yourself accordingly.

Headquarters Second Military District
Charleston S.C. June 30th, 1868

General Orders No. 120 | Extract 3

To facilitate the organization of the New State Governments the following appointments are made. To be Governor of North Carolina, W.W. Holden, Governor elect, vice Jonathan Worth removed To be Lieut Governor elect of North Carolina, Tod R. Caldwell, Lieut. Governor elect, to fill our original vacancy. To take effect July first (1st) 1868, on the meeting of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina.

I am Sir
Very respectfully
Your obedient servant.

Geo. A. Williams

Bvt. Lieut. Col. *** Maj. at **** Commanding.