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John Ainsworth Responds to NCICL

John Ainsworth of America's Remedy, and current Chief Magistrate of the North-Carolina American Republic, recently attended a panel discussion hosted by the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law (NCICL). In this 3-part video series, John provides a more in-depth response to the side-stepping of the issues that he brought to the attention of the NCICL panel, and delves deeper into what we believe to be the remedy for what ails America today. He specifically addresses:

  • Defining the body politic, and the importance of aligning with one that is lawful.
  • The historical facts which prove the illegitimacy of the NC state constitution which is in place today.
  • If we are truly a nation of laws, and not of men, then there must be remedy in law.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:

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