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Jim Kennedy

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Just a bit of information that I will pass along.

The Halifax Resolves were signed 4-12-1776 and the celebration of this first "declaration of independence" is being is being held in Halifac North Carolina

2 years early. That means this week end. 

  The SAR is having a servive Friday 4-12 2024 at 10:30 If I remember correctly and the defacto State Government is having "events" all week end.

  The celebration of the Battle at Guilford Court house was last month and I missed it. It is part of my family history as my 6th great grandfather was at

that battle and part of the battle was fought on his land.

  I hope to see as many as possible at our regular meeting this Saturday in Gastonia.

Sincerely,   Jim Kennedy

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