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Waivers, Paper Cuts, & Whistling Bailiff: State Citizen's Challenge Meets Judicial Delay and Intimidation

When state citizen Milo challenges the jurisdiction of the de facto state of North Carolina (as allegedly put in place by the Reconstruction Acts of 1867-68), he is met with an illegal trial, followed by delays and what would appear to be intimidation by various officers of the court system.

Pursuant to the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA’s own statutory law, NCGS 15A-952(d), there exists a right to challenge jurisdiction at any time. The challenge Milo brings is a challenge to the state directly. However, as can be seen from Milo's three appearances July 14th, 15th, and 16th, the state remains mute while the judge presses waivers of council. Meanwhile, the other officers of the court seem intent on intimidation and a general lack of respect for Milo's attempts to get the state to respond.

In the phone interview linked below, our Chief Magistrate interviews Milo to gain perspective on what is happening in these courtrooms. It appears that the "chilling effect" is still hard at work as the de facto state continues to avoid proving its own lawfulness.

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