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Mandie Rose Opens Dialog with Forsyth County Superior Court Judge

Mandie Rose | Forsyth County, NC
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The North Carolina (de facto) court system is starting to take notice. Last week, we made great strides toward re-opening dialog concerning the constitutionality of Reconstruction and its incredible bearing on state sovereignty, state citizenship, and our freedom as a whole.

At 9:30 Wednesday morning (November 30th, 2011) state citizen Mandie Rose made special appearance for the second time last week in de facto superior court in Winston-Salem (Forsyth County). As you may know, Mandie's case is one of several cases which we currently have occupying every level of the de facto judicial system. You may be familiar with this particular case in which Mandie was formerly arrested for giving a Notice of Appeal in Forsyth County District Court.

What makes Wednesday's appearance so special is that once she waded through all of the court's "smoke and mirrors," Ms. Rose was actually able to begin an open and fairly uninterrupted dialog between herself and the judge concerning Reconstruction, the little-known history of our state, and the many constitutional violations which resulted.

Ms. Rose continued speaking for well over an hour, bringing the court up to speed on the history that she has learned and the position she has taken as a state citizen -- a position which challenges the court's (and the de facto state's) very jurisdiction over her. Ms. Rose did an excellent job at bringing this information forward! It was even requested of Ms. Rose by the judge that she read Governor Jonathan Worth's Surrender Letter (1868) aloud to the court, which she did. As the judge and ADA listened to the evidence Ms. Rose brought forward, they responded occasionally with feedback and questions.

After the lengthy dialog with Ms. Rose, the judge turned to ADA Brian Taylor to get his rebuttal. The ADA went through a few issues he had with Ms. Rose's position, several of which were repeated from his written response, which Ms. Rose had received just a day after Thanksgiving. It is important to note that while Mandie was given less than 48 hours to respond, the ADA had taken a whopping 90 days to draw up his response to her initial challenge, in written form -- an issue which Ms. Rose noted in her objections, and was thereafter denied by Judge V Bradley Long. After the ADA's rebuttal, Ms. Rose was given an opportunity to rebut his statements.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, those smoke and mirrors started to return.

At approximately 11:50, Judge V Bradley Long essentially denied all of Ms. Rose's 50+ pages of evidence, and in addition to denying her objections, concluded that his state of North Carolina has both personal and territorial jurisdiction. When Ms. Rose proceeded to request his order certified for interlocutory appeal, he denied this as well and offered her two options -- jury trial or plea transcript. After a great deal of objection and resistance by Ms. Rose, she opted for the latter but did so under protest.

What's next?

Ms. Rose will be working closely with the NCAR Legal Team to submit her appeal, making this her second appellate brief currently before the North Carolina Court of Appeals (de facto). A critical portion of this brief depends largely upon obtaining the transcripts from the court reporter. Not only will these transcripts provide valuable and interesting insight into the lengthy dialog between Ms. Rose and the court, but they also contain pertinent information necessary for formulating her appellate brief.

We need your help.

The price tag for these transcripts is approximately $500.00. This is a small price when compared to the enormous amount of time and energy that has been invested in this case by Mandie and the members of the NCAR Legal Team. Now is your opportunity to show your support by donating to the NCAR Legal Fund! No amount is too small. Use the links here to donate, or if you would like to donate by mail or by phone, please send an email to treasury@ncrepublic.org.


December 7, 2011
12:59 pm
David: thank you recognizing how important this is, and making a donation.

David Gagin

December 6, 2011
11:20 pm
Mandie is a brave citizen of strong will and I admire that. The sinking feeling I have is that she will go to the top by way of appeals, and still be denied, so strong is the opposing will of this beast to survive. They know that to admit she is right is to bring their whole facade crashing down! To that end, please accept my meager donation via paypal. I know it isn't much, but hopefully, I'm not the only one who sees how important this is!

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