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Judge's Order Refers to Rose Challenge of Jurisdiction as "Frivolous"

State of North Carolina v. Amanda Lea Rose
Wilkesboro, N.C. | Wilkes County Superior Court
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On September 29th, 2011, de jure state citizen Amanda Lea Rose received an order from Judge Lindsay R. Davis, Jr. (Wilkes County) referring to her challenge of jurisdiction as "frivolous" and "a waste of limited public resources." Among the many criticisms concerning Ms. Rose's challenge, Judge Davis also states in his order that her premise "is a false one with no basis in historical fact, and lacking any semblance of legal merit."

This order is the latest in an ongoing case between the de facto state of North Carolina and Ms. Amanda Lea Rose. Ms. Rose's basic argument is the same argument that our other state citizens have brought before de facto North Carolina courtrooms time and time again; and is a question which has not been addressed in over 140 years. Was Reconstruction and the annulment of the original state of North Carolina a constitutional act? Is the state of North Carolina which is currently being recognized today indeed a de facto state? If so, are we, as state citizens of the original state, obligated to obey the laws of a state which is unable to prove otherwise?

As can be seen in the order, and in the follow-up video below, this judge is once again proving that there is little room for truth and justice in today's courtrooms. The burden of proof lies solely on the de facto state, while the judge is to be absolutely fair and impartial. The judge cannot advocate for the state! Of course, as we can see, while the ADA has said little to rebut the evidence, the judge has been more than happy to put in his fair share of opinion, while at the same time denying the challenge altogether.


Mandie, with the help of the NCAR Legal Team, has already filed an interlocutory appeal of the judge's contradictory order. The expected outcome of the appeal is for the local court to put the matter "on hold," by way of one or more continuances, until such time as they receive a response from the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Ms. Rose's next court date is Monday, November 7th, 2011. However, as is the case with these superior court sessions, she may not be seen until later in the week, or even the following week. We will keep you up to date as this case evolves, so that you can come out and show your support.


Video: American Judicial Tyranny - Muncy/Ainsworth Interview

In the video below, North Carolina (de jure), Forsyth County Representative Cliff Muncy interviews Chief Magistrate John Ainsworth concerning the Amanda Lea Rose case currently making its way through the North Carolina (de facto) court system -- a case which challenges the constitutionality of Reconstruction, the 14th Amendment, and the nationalization of citizenship. This video covers the mission of the North-Carolina American Republic, as well as details of the Rose case, potential outcome, and how potential supporters can get involved.



Help Us Bring Back Lawful State Sovereignty!

If you've been reading along and are fascinated by these cases; if you have a PASSION and a ZEAL to see our states back on top again; to see the federal government put back into its box -- we would love to hear from you! Send us your feedback. Or contact us on Facebook! Your support and donations have helped to make this fight possible, and we are just getting started. The NCAR Legal Team continues to put in countless hours to see that these cases are given the proper attention, and that our citizens are adequately prepared. Click here to donate to our legal fund. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. For alternative payment methods, please contact treasury@ncrepublic.org.

The Reconstruction of our American Union has NEVER been adjudicated. This blatant violation of the Constitution is at the very root of our modern-day problems in America, and so it is vital that we continue our support of state citizens like Ms. Rose, who are boldly taking a stand to bring lawful, local self-government, state sovereignty, and state citizenship back to this country once again. Thank YOU for your support.

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