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Constitutionality of the Federal Overthrow of America's Foundation is Before the Courts After 143 Years!

Post Civil War Reconstruction overthrew the founding principles of America. The Reconstruction Acts (1) nationalized citizenship in the United States, which gave the federal government an indefinite supremacy over All American citizens and (2) is an absolute overthrow of 10th Amendment State's rights.

The constitutionality of the Nationalization of Citizenship and the overthrow of State's Rights through the Reconstruction Acts has never been ruled upon in any court in the United States. In fact the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts  hasn’t been before an American Court in the last 143 years…UNTIL NOW. Isaac Birch has a case before the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

 We are at the brink of changing history here in North Carolina. The re-established State, known as the North Carolina American Republic, and its citizens, have been bringing these issues before the District and Superior Courts for many years. We now have a case before the North Carolina Court of Appeals challenging the legitimacy of the Federally Reconstructed State of North Carolina that was put into place by Military Order. THIS IS A MOMENT IN HISTORY!!  

Learn your history. Learn your solution!

The below link is the legal brief filed in the North Carolina Court of Appeals:

Visit Isaac Birch's blog for more information about this court battle:


It is vital that we support these state citizens, as they are going to bat for all of us! If you are interested in donating to offset some of Isaac's expenses, you may contact him directly at restoreourrepublics@gmail.com. Please keep an eye on the NCAR calendar for upcoming events and meetings where you can join us in the fight against the nationalization of citizenship. We'll keep you updated as we know more on this case. 


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