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NCAR Regional Meeting Lands Front Page of Asheville Tribune

Text of article from Asheville Tribune
December 1 - December 7, 2011, Vol. 15, No. 48

Is North Carolina a lawful state?
by Catherine Hunter

A Charlotte man is working to prove the current government of North Carolina is not a lawful state, but a military coup put in place by the United States government. ln a Tuesday, November 22 meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, John Ainsworth of the North Carolina American Republic called for a return to the original state of North Carolina.

Ainsworth said the real problems we have today in the United States is the ratification of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution. According to Ainsworth this created a nation of men rather than a nation of law.

"There is no difference between the Republican or the Democrat parties,” Ainsworth said. “We'll end up in a socialist police state."

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The ratification of the fourteenth amendment following the Civil War, according to Ainsworth, converted all US state citizens into nationalized citizens.

Section one of the amendment states that all citizens born or naturalized are citizens of the United States and are subject to the jurisdiction of the US. Ainsworth pointed out that the federal government is supposed to serve the people. He went on to say issues such as school prayer, abortion, display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings, same sex marriage and allowing citizenry to those born on US soil are a direct result of the 14th amendment.

"Based on the 14th amendment the federal government can now pass all sorts of things that are unconstitutional," he said. "The 14th amendment is the only amendment that congress coerced the states to ratify. A government put into place by fraud and coercion can only be maintained by fraud and coercion."

After taking two years off his work and studying the problems of the country, the Charlotte resident said he discovered that after the Civil War, the federal government made ratification of the 14th amendment a requirement for re-entry into the Union by the former Confederate States. Those states had to submit a state constitution which was subject to ratification by the federal congress and required to include the 14th amendment.

For the past 19 years Ainsworth has been speaking on the subject [next page] of returning to the original state of North Carolina, now called the North Carolina American Republic (NCAR). He has participated in more than eight court cases questioning the legality ofthe current North Carolina government and claims citizenship in the North Carolina American Republic.

NCAR holds elections, conducts meetings, has elected representatives and levies taxes. Ainsworth said the biggest problem istin educating people and getting the word out. He listed a three-part solution people can work toward solving the country’s current problems.

“First we must recognize unconstitutional acts as void and non-binding,” said Ainsworth. “Everyone, including the federal government, needs to obey the law.”

The other two points to his proposed solution include citizens recognizing they are state citizens and asserting their rights rather than begging the federal government for their rights. Finally he said the citizens need to recognize the lawful and provable constitutional government as binding. Audience questions included how many other states are participating in this return to their original state status. Ainsworth said in addition to North Carolina, Rhode Island, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida had groups proposing similar changes.

Other questions included if the federal courts would rule against themselves and the reason for the secession of the original seven Confederate states. When asked about any relation between his work and the tenth amendment resolutions and League of the South advocates, Ainsworth said he was in no way affiliated with either.

For more information on NCAR visit www.ncrepublic.org. For more information regarding John Ainsworth call 704-563-4554 or visit www.americasremedy.com. Also for more on the 14th amendment get the book The Uncivil War available at www.theashevilletribune.com/index137.htm.

Update 12/6/11 - Response and Clarification to Asheville Tribune

Cliff Muncy

December 18, 2011
10:51 am
Patrick, are you familiar with US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957? It states as follows, "The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States." Your rights as a nationalized U.S. citizen are but one -- to live here. That's about it. You may also want to look up our follow-up clarifications on this article here:


We are not fighting the 14th Amendment, but the unconstitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts which coerced it's passage.

Patrick Henry

December 17, 2011
11:20 pm
Interestingly enough, it is the 14th amendment that actually makes the bill of rights applicable to everyone, as originally it could only limit federal power.However, I see nobody on here complaining about their freedom of speech rights? Down with the 14th and the bill of rights! Let me know how that works out...

Doc Art

December 6, 2011
9:33 pm
This is excellent work. For way too long, the federal government has been using deceit and subversion to encroach its authority upon the individual states, robbing them of their inherent, natural rights of self-governance, at called for by the Founding Fathers.

I applaud the work these courageous individuals are doing on behalf of all free men. Let's pitch in and help them, and ourselves, at defeating tyranny !!!

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