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Declaration of Re-establishment of the North Carolina American Republic

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On December 1, 1997, the de jure (lawful) state of North Carolina was re-established. This state was originally taken on July 1st, 1868 by the United States Military, as the end result of the Reconstruction Acts. These Acts imposed a military dictatorship, an election, a method of changing our constitution, and a constitution, all foreign to our organic law. Through this re-establishment, the people of North-Carolina have breathed new life into the original North Carolina Constitution and re-established its lawful government.

Document signed by:

  • William V. Toms III, (Recorder)
  • John Charles Ainsworth, (Presiding Officer)
  • Gregory Jackson Fant
  • Albert Rodger Cujes, Jr.
  • James Arthur Ried, Jr.
  • Roy Lee Green, Jr.
  • Richard Wilson Toms
  • Arthur H. Northrup, Jr.
  • John Francis Yedowitz
  • Patricia Gail Honeycutt
  • William O. Kirkes


Text of the Document:

Declaration of Re-Establishment of the
North-Carolina American Republic

By the Inhabitants of North-Carolina In the county of Mecklenburg, assembled this the first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred ninety-seven.

We, the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, do hereby of Right, Duty, and Necessity, re-establish the North-Carolina American Republic in alignment with Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our written history has instructed us that it is our Duty and our Right to cast off the chains of bondage to any foreign occupation of our Sovereign state. The Federal United States Government has occupied North-Carolina in excess of 130 years. This federal experiment of oppressive military dominance over North-Carolina and her Inhabitants began with the unlawful subjugation of North-Carolina through the forced adoption of a new State Constitution of 1868, and has proven to the Nation that a government established in deception and military subjugation is destined to fail.

We derive our Rights from Almighty God, and do declare we have a Right to self-determination and a Right not to follow others down a path of self-destruction and servitude. We of Right, hereby declare our intention to correct this path of self-destruction rooted in deception, setting a peaceful example for others to follow. We, the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, know it is our Duty and our Right to re-establish North-Carolina and to set an example for the Nation to witness the re-establishment of a Republic of free sovereign people, peacefully, openly, and without violence in a manner never before seen in history. Caution must be noted I History has shown us that governments long established do not relinquish power and control over people lightly, easily, or without bloodshed. We, therefore, extend an open hand to the Federal United States Government to join us in peaceful cooperation for the re-alignment of the proper and constitutional roles in the relationship of the Federal Government to the government of the Several Sovereign Republican states.

The Inhabitants of North-Carolina, in order to assure a fresh start, hereby rescind the ordinance to dissolve the Union of states dated May 20, 1861, and declare it null and void. We also solemnly pledge and declare peace with the Federal United States Government and its lesser governments, which honor this re-establishment, from this day forward.

We take this opportunity in time to state that this task can only be accomplished with the guidance of Divine Providence, cool heads, honest diplomacy, and a facing of the truth of this Nations past and present actions, as the United States Government has been actively involved in the subjugation and forced servitude, through deception, of the people of this Nation, in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Federal United States Government, which prides itself as a leader in the world in the maintenance of freedom, has become, in fact, a leader of the world in the forced subjugation of entire republics, commonwealths, nations and monarchies. This forced servitude is as unconscionable and tyrannical as those actions taken by the most despotic and treacherous governments the world has ever known. The Federal United States Government has done this through the illusion of freedom, when in fact there is no freedom.

In spite of the crimes committed against the Inhabitants of North-Carolina and the other states, we find our only option is to extend an offer of Amnesty, and to move forward with a renewed hope of Peace!

The Inhabitants of North-Carolina, in signing this Declaration of Re-establishment, reunionization and peace, find it necessary to reveal candidly to the world the crimes committed by the Federal United States Government upon the people of the several states and upon its own Federal United States citizens.

The United States Government has acted in a pattern of trickery and deception for well over 130 years. It has repeatedly broken its most sacred duties, trusts, laws and resolutions. The abuses and usurpations of power are far too numerous to list here. Only a few examples, though ample to substantiate our resolve, are chosen here. The Federal United States Government has broken its solemn promise to the Inhabitants and Citizens of the entire nation by not honoring its obligation to follow its own joint resolution adopted July 25,1861, relating to the object of the Civil War, to not subjugate, conquer, or impair the rights of the states in rebellion. The Federal United States Government perfidiously breached its Constitutional fiduciary responsibility in its action by coercing the Inhabitants of North-Carolina into a Federalized status through the forced acceptance and adoption of a new Constitution in 1868, which offered suffrage and offices in government only to those who encumbered themselves with Federal citizenship, which has no Rights associated with it, only privileges.

The Federal United States Government forced this new Constitution on the Inhabitants of North-Carolina in contravention of the organic Constitution of North-Carolinas Fourth Amendment of 1835, prescribing instead a foreign method of framing and adopting a Constitution. Therefore, the Constitution of 1776 has not been abrogated, for that Constitution could not be amended except by following the procedure prescribed in that Amendment. It certainly could not be repealed otherwise!

The forced creation of a Federal North Carolina, through the Constitution of 1868, violated the duty of Congress to guarantee to every state a Republican form of government, and instead, created a satellite government of the District of Columbia. This direct control and dominance has led to a situation where North-Carolinians who do not choose to encumber themselves with federal citizenship, in fact, have no government.

The Federal Government, in its joint resolution of July 1861, stated to the world that the belligerent actions against the states in rebellion would cease when the states regained their ante-bellum, unimpaired condition. In knowing this condition must be met for the federal war of deception and silence to end after over 130 years, it is necessary for the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, under our Creator, to breathe life back into the document named the Constitution of North-Carolina dated 1776, and its Amendments. We find it necessary to make changes in that document, as the Inhabitants of North-Carolina have been denied the opportunity to align their affairs and property in such a manner as to qualify to elect or hold office in North-Carolina.

There has been a well-documented usurpation of delegated powers exercised by several Presidents of the United States. This long and criminal train of usurpations, though not well known or understood, is partially documented in United States Senate Report 93-549, and is evidence of Congressional knowledge of the acquiescence to the usurpation of powers and failure to correct, thereby cloaking the situation from the American people. The information in United States Senate Report 93-549 should be taught and universally known, otherwise, the people are controlled through their lack of knowledge. Through silence and deception, the Federal United States Government has taken virtually every freedom from the people under extended fabricated "national emergencies, without the peoples knowledge of how or why this happened, in a manner which can only be described as democratic dictatorship.

This situation has destroyed the system of checks and balances and has destroyed our judicial system. The present Government appoints to the supreme Court political appointees, who interpret the Constitution and Laws according to the will of the Executive Branch, further compromising our Nation. Patrick Henry specifically warned us that just such a situation would arise. The absence of Inhabitants of the several states in the supreme Court compromises the Court and makes suspect all decisions concerning the several states.

The present situation has no universally known or recognized remedy in law within the Federal jurisdiction. Therefore, the remedy must be found without the jurisdiction of the Federal Government; by the re-establishment of the old and recognized jurisdiction of the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, separate from Federal jurisdiction.

The Inhabitants of North-Carolina hereby refuse to continue the game of hide-and-seek with their Rights in the current Federal jurisdiction. We hereby refuse to honor a government which:

  • taxes the Inhabitants without representation in government;
  • forces the Inhabitants into unconscionable three-party contracts in order to perform the duties of their daily lives;
  • writes laws, with words that have multiple and ambiguous meanings, used to the detriment of the people and to the benefit of members of the private Bar Association and the Government, in their design to reduce the Inhabitants to mere wards of the State;
  • enforces laws which are incapable of being understood or defended by the average Citizen;
  • enforces emergency actions while not disclosing the emergency to the Inhabitants;
  • has a legal system which has become a source of uncontrolled profit for the few, at the expense of those most in need;
  • has created a Socialist State operating under the guise of freedom;
  • has shirked its duty to regulate the value of the medium of exchange, delegating it to a foreign third party, which can economically collapse our nation at will;
  • allows judges and magistrates to become active prosecutors on behalf of the State;
  • deludes the people into their own bondage;
  • legalizes chemical, biological and radiation experimentation upon unsuspecting Federal citizens (Title 50 USC Section 1520; Executive Order # 12891);
  • terrorizes the Inhabitants into the acquiescence of their Rights.
  • honors and enforces fraudulent contracts.
  • Through the forced encumbrance of Federal citizenship, the Federal United States Government has created a standing army in times of peace, enthusiastic and willing to enforce a plethora of unconscionable and unconstitutional statutes, which violate the Rights they have taken an Oath to defend. They have turned their backs on the people! Their crimes include fraud, extortion, racketeering, operating a continuing criminal enterprise under color of law -and even murder, all done with virtual impunity.

    Divine Providence gave to our forefathers the tools of freedom, which have been handed down to us to use today. We have the written examples of how they formed our Nation and we have instructions for self-correction to follow. Therefore we follow in the footsteps of our forefathers by Declaring of Right, Duty, and Necessity, the re-establishment of a government best suited for, and designed to effect the safety and security of the Inhabitants of North-Carolina. Concomitant with this re-establishment is the pledge to assure a smooth transition into the uncharted areas into which we proceed. We do this through the guidance of our Lord, Saviour and King, Jesus Christ, through the forgiveness of the past actions of the Federal Government, its officers and agents, who come forward and confess all belligerent actions against the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, in a spirit of cooperation and Christian brotherhood.

    Re-establishment fulfills a twofold purpose: First, it institutes a government which will diligently protect the Rights of the Inhabitants; Second, it creates a state under our Creator, which will breathe life back into the Constitution of the United States of America, recreating the duty and obligation once again to guarantee to the several states the protections as stated in Article IV Section 4, Article Ill Section 3 and the Thirteenth Article of Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Both governments shall co-exist within the geographic North-Carolina, each exercising exclusive control and jurisdiction over its own, in separate venues.

    To use the weapons of the current silent war: total control of information, silence, seizure, corruption in the courts; to delay, halt, or hinder in any way the re-establishment of North-Carolina, shall be considered belligerent actions, and met with the demand for the Federal United States Government to strictly adhere to Article Ill Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America. We refuse to be fatigued by shrewd men intent on the continued subjugation of the states. We know and understand that returning the Federal United States Government to its proper Constitutional alignment of eager compliant servant of the several states will be arduous at best.

    We the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, therefore, hereby make known to all men our resolve to re-establish the De Jure North-Carolina Republic. Unwavering, we exercise our Right and move forward, protected only by our Creator and the truth of our experience. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

    Signed by the order of, and on behalf of the Inhabitants of North-Carolina present, the North-Carolina American Republic is hereby re-established (of necessity),

    John Charles Ainsworth

    Presiding Officer


    William Valentine Toms, III